Zones of Security in the Black Sea Region. Nina Dyulgerova

Zones of Security in the Black Sea Region

Prof. Dr. Habil. Nina Dyulgerova

The dynamics of the changes in the first decade of the 21st century reformulated not only the global, regional and sub-regional priorities but also the disposition of the subjects within the international stratification. The bipolar confrontation has become a thing of the past while the contemporary accents outline the new security zones. One of them, a zone of high degree of intensity, is the Black Sea region. Geographically, this area incorporates the states of the post-Soviet European and Caucasus regions, the Balkan EU members (Bulgaria and Rumania) as well as Russia and Turkey – strategic partners of Brussels’. The conjunctive configurations and regional unions are what is now of lesser concentration in this region than the strategic objectives of the global players.

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