Prof. Dr. Iskra Baeva

проф. Искра Баева

Iskra Baeva

Professor of Contemporary History (20th Century) in Faculty of History, Sofia University `St. Kliment Ohridski`, PhD


World History and History of Central-East Europe in 20th Century

Faculty of History, Department of Modern and Contemporary History





1971–1974 – Faculty of History, Department of Ancient and Medieval History, Sofia University

– Faculty of Slavic Philology


1974 – M. A. Thesis “Nicolo Machiavelli as a Historian”


1982 – PhD in Contemporary History

with a dissertation “The Polish Agrarian Party of Mikolayczyk 1944-1948”


1982 onwards – Senior and later – Chief Assistant Professor of at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History in Faculty of History at Sofia University


1995 – Associated Professor at Sofia University.


Habilitation thesis “Eastern Europe after Stalin 1953–1956. Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria)”


2011 – Professor at Sofia University with book `Eastern Europe in 20th Century`






– History of Central and Eastern Europe in 19–20th Century, Social and Political Crisis from 50s to 80s Years


– History of Bulgaria in 20–21th Century, Socialist Bulgaria, Bulgaria in transition


– History of Cold War in 20th Century, the World after Cold War


– History of Foreign Relation in 20th Century






1977–1978 – UNESCO scholarship for Poland


1985 – Department of Political Sciences. Warsaw University


1987 – Institute for History. Warsaw University


1994 – Woodraw Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, USA



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