Master Program in Eurasian, Russian and East European History


History of Eurasia, Russia and Eastern Europe

Master Program of

 the Eurasian Center VIAEVRASIA and

 the Faculty of History of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

The Master program “History of Eurasia, Russia and Eastern Europe” is trying to break the Europocentric clichés of our historical thought. It leads the students through the historical, cultural, social and political dimensions of the Eurasian space. The issue of combining the achievements of European and Asian political philosophy, culture and creating a new mixture of the future has become very popular in Russian society and political class after the fall of the USSR in 1991.

The main courses of the program are focused on the one hand on the history of the Russian Empire – USSR – post-soviet Russia, and on the other on the relations of Russia with South Eastern Europe, of USSR with Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and Latin America and post-soviet Russia with Central Asia.

The approach of teaching is interdisciplinary. It gives different points of view on the transformations which has happened during the studied periods in the three dimensional coordinate system of Russia and Eurasia – European culture, Eastern statesmanship and Orthodox spirituality.

The professional realization of the MA students who have finished the program is in the field of International relations, media, education and science, archives and museums and state administration.

Application requirements:

The program can be chosen by historians and non-specialists. The latter have to take two additional exams for the first two semesters –History of Russia and Eastern Europe XIIIth -XIXth centuries and History of Russia XXth century.

There is an interview with the candidates in which they should motivate their interest in the Eurasian studies.

For additional information:

Associated professor dr. Darina Grigorova, head of the MA program -

Associated professorr dr. Alexander Sivilov, coordinator of the MA program –




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