Николов, А., Герд, Л. П. А. Сирку в България (1878-1879) // П. А. Сырку в Болгарии (1878-1879) [= Studia mediaevalia Slavica et Byzantina, 3]. София, 2012


Nikolov, A., Gerd, L. 

P. A. Syrku in Bulgaria (1878-1879) 




The book is devoted to the hitherto little known journeys of P. A. Syrku (1852-1905), the then-future eminent Slavist and researcher of Old-Bulgarian literature, across of newly liberated Bulgaria, undertaken between September 1878 and September 1879. Its aim is to present to the reader all the available documents of relevance and interest, including seventeen unpublished and so far unstudied personal letters of the scholar to his Russian colleagues A. N. Pypin, T. D. Florinsky, V. I. Lamansky, A. A. Kunik and F. I. Uspensky, kept at the Saint Petersburg branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Archive and the Manuscript Department of the Russian National Library in Saint Petersburg. 

The material gathered and discussed in this book sheds light on various aspects of P. A. Syrku’s activity in Bulgaria during the period of temporary Russian occupation: the connection between the young scholar’s journey and the project for a “Bulgarian expedition” under the aegis of the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences and the Imperial Societies of Archaeology and Geography, proposed to the Russian authorities by A. N. Pypin, Professor at Saint Petersburg University as early as November 1876; P. A. Syrku’s meetings and communication with Bulgarian academics and prominent public figures such as Marin Drinov, Dragan Tsankov, Metropolitan Meletius of Sofia, Metropolitan Nathanael of Ohrid, Neofit Rilski, publisher Dragan Manchov, etc.; the compilation and contents of the collection of medieval Slavonic and Greek manuscripts, gathered by the Russian scholar during his visits across Bulgaria (part of this collection is currently housed at the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg); the survey conducted by P. A. Syrku in 1879 around Chepino (in the northwestern Rhodope Mountains) on the authenticity of Veda Slovena, the book of bogus epic poems published by S. Verkovic, and the accompanying archaeological excavations of the medieval fortress of Tsepina (near the present-day village of Dorkovo). 

Also published in this volume are all the surviving letters from the period after 1879, part of P. A. Syrku’s correspondence with Bulgarian scholars and intellectuals (M. Drinov, K. Shapkarev, H. Popkonstantinov, A. Shopov, S. S. Bobchev), which are held in the Bulgarian Historical Archive of Sts Cyril and Methodius National Library and the Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. 

The documents and other material presented here have been transcribed, translated and appear in the book accompanied by a scholarly commentary. The volume includes also a bibliography and indices of the referenced manuscripts, archival documents, personal and place names as well as a section entitled Notes on Polichroniy Syrku’s Manuscript Collection, by A. Miltenova (Sofia) and A. Sergeev (Saint Petersburg). 

The book is bilingual; the documents and all the rest of the material are published in both Bulgarian and Russian so that they could be made accessible to the widest possible circle of researchers, academics and students.

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