The First World War and its impact on the Balkans and Eurasia. 17–18 September 2013, Sofia University. PAPERS

The First World War and its impact on the Balkans and Eurasia

17–18 September 2013, Sofia University


Opening Plenary

War to end all wars. Borislav Gavrilov.pdf

The First World War as a Geopolitical and Diplomatic Divide in World History. Kostadin Grozev.pdf

The First World War and Its implication to the World History

Russian Foreign Policy on the Threshold of World War I. Elena Rudaya .pdf

The International Orders and the Regional Formations in the Balkans before and after the WWI Mustafa Turkes.pdf

The First World War and Russian Social Thought

Philosophical Considerations of War. Berdyaev's Views on the First World War.

 Julia Zlatkova .pdf


Time Slavophils. The Russian expectations regarding the First World War between irrationalism and pragmatism Darina Grigorova

The Great War and the Bolsheviks. Alexander Sivilov.pdf

The Russian Nationalists and the First World War. Svetoslav Manoilov.pdf

Illarion Ivanovich Vorontsov-Dashkov as a Viceroy of the Caucasus (1905-1916)

Tsvetelina Haralampieva.pdf

Historiographies on the First World War

The Turkish Historiography on the First World War. Omer Turan.pdf

Russian experience of the Great War and the problem of remembrance

Jaroslav Golubinov.pdf

Occupation, Atrocities, and Resistance


D.Grigorov M.Valkov THE TOPLICE UPRISING .pdf

How was the First World War viewed by the Contemporaries?

Serbian Participation in Great War and its Place in Identity and Traditions of Yugoslav Armed Forces Dimitar Tasic.pdf

Bulgaria's Entry and Participation of in World War I as Seen by the British Journalist James D. Bouchier Roumen Genov.pdf

Jean Jaurès – An Apostle of Peace in Pre-War Europe, 1905-1914 Rossitza Tasheva.pdf

Ottoman Art and Culture During World War I -Theater As a Communication Tool

Meltem Acarlı, Sibel Akova.pdf


whose papers will be included in the almanac of the conference:

 Menshevik leaders' attitude toward WWI. Asya Atanassova.pdf

Split of the Common National Russian Union during World War I. Biser Nushev.pdf

Eschatological motifs in the Osip Mandelstam's lyrics

about the First World Warin his book «Tristia» Kalygash Bokaeva.pdf



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